Dapoxetine (Priligy) Tablets for Sale Online Without a Prescription In UK.

Generic Priligy

Priligy tablets are primarily meant to correct and treat the all too popular premature ejaculation problem associated with erectile dysfunction. Research further indicates that this problem may stem from other numerous physical and physiological issues like stress and anxiety. 

Before turning to this generic Viagra pills to solve your premature ejaculation issue, there are several factors you need to consider including its relations with other medications that you might be using as well as previous cardiovascular problems.

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You also need to know how the priligy tablets UK work as well as where to buy them without prescription. Ideally, here is everything you need to know about the drug.

What are priligy tablets?

Priligy is an oral medicine meant to control premature ejaculation. It contains dapoxetine as an active ingredient, and this explains why most people often refer to it as dapoxetine. These pills and their ingredients fall in a class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and in an even broader group of Urological medications. The medicines in this category are commonly referred to and used as anti-depressants. 

Numerous studies about different people’s sex life revealed that premature ejaculation often results from uncontrolled anxiety before or during sex or depression. To help individuals suffering from this, doctors have for a long time recommended anti-depressants as a short-term reprieve for the condition as they address the underlying issues of depression and anxiety. Interestingly, Priligy was also intended to work as a new anti-depressant. However, initial tests revealed its unmatched effectiveness controlling premature ejaculation.

How does priligy work?

Dapoxetine works by eliminating the causes of depression and anxiety that are primarily the primary causes of early ejaculation in most men. As the name suggests, this active ingredient is a serotonin inhibitor. Serotonin here refers to a chemical in the body that used to transmit neural messages between the nerves and the nervous system including the messages of whether and when to ejaculate. 

Therefore, by selectively inhibiting the reuptake of this chemical after erection, dapoxetine gives you more control over your sex drive, effectively enabling you to last longer. Delaying the nervous communications also goes a long way in granting you control over ejaculation. 

What makes the dapoxetine unique?

Most medics have for long turned to anti-depressants to address premature ejaculation, but none has achieved priligy’s effectiveness. For instance, individuals suffering from this problem were advised to take in these medications every day, if they hoped to achieve longevity at any point of the day. This effectively means that once absorbed into the body, the drugs take long to filter out of your system. You, therefore, end up experiencing the side effects of anti-depressants consumption even though you don’t suffer from depression. The primary difference between the priligy tablets UK and other antidepressants lies on how long the drug stays within your system. Unlike the rest, dapoxetine is quickly absorbed into the body implying that you can take it just an hour before having sex and still function properly. The serotonin inhibitor is also eliminated out of the body as quickly thereby reducing any risk associated with exposure to antidepressants for long. This effectiveness explains why the pill has quickly gained popularity not just in the United Kingdom but also across the world where its regularization is gradually gaining pace. 

Benefits of using priligy 

One of the key benefits of using dapoxetine tablets lies in the fact that it presents you with a safe method of delaying your ejaculation without exposing you to long-term health or psychological problems. Additionally, you stand to enjoy further reduced risks if you only use this medication occasionally and moderately. Most importantly, it helps boost and eventually rebuild a man’s self-esteem and confidence that premature ejaculation and inability to satisfy your partner might have eroded. 

Correct administration

Like most other premature ejaculation treatment pills available today, dapoxetine is readily available without prescription. It is made available in two versions of 30mg and 60mg. You are advised to start off with the 30mg dosage and only increase to the 60mg dose gradually. Unless you are following some prescribing information from a physician, consider sticking to a single pill every 24 hours. Note that this stimulation inhibitor should ideally be taken about 1 to 3 hours before engaging in sexual activity with a glass full of water.

It can also be taken with or without food. You should, however, note that its uptake into the body will be delayed if taken with food. Therefore, consider extending the time between ingesting the pill and sexual activity if it is to be taken together with food. Most importantly, the tablet doesn’t work in isolation and requires stimulation if you are to achieve an erection, avoid overdosing on its intake. Should you accidentally overdose, seek medical attention immediately. 

Can you buy priligy online in UK?

Priligy is readily available online in the United Kingdom from the numerous e-commerce stores spread across the country. Given its rising popularity and effectiveness, some physical drug dispensing pharmacies and drug stores have also started stocking the pills thus finding a stockist near you should no longer come as a surprise. This effectively means that you don’t have to sweat on the issue of availability of these highly effective pills or where to buy online. 

Who can use dapoxetine

Dapoxetine is ideal for individuals suffering from depression or uncontrolled anxiety problems that affect their ability to achieve an erection. It can be used by individuals suffering from premature ejaculation even though they don’t exhibit any signs of depression. This includes adult males with low esteem issues that affect their sex life. It might also be taken by healthy individuals seeking to occasionally improve their sex experience and satisfy their partners. 

Who cannot use dapoxetine

Some certain groups of people are discouraged from taking these pills without first consulting a medical professional. Topping this list is an individual previously exposed to cardiovascular problems. Note that these drugs often alter the person's heartbeat in an attempt to get more blood flowing to the penis. Such increased heart activity may, therefore, prove hazardous to persons with heart problems.

Common side effects

When taken moderately and in the right dosage of a single pill a day, dapoxetine is not expected to react negatively with a healthy individual’s system. Some users have, however, reported occasional side effects of the pill with the most common being nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

There are nonetheless some rare side effects that call for immediate medical attention. These include the following: wheezing and shortness of breath, excessive sweating, and signs of allergy such as skin rashes. Most importantly, if you end up experiencing sudden shortness of breath or chest pains during sexual intercourse, stop immediately and call or visit a doctor.