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Premature ejaculation continues to wreak havoc on marriages and relationships today, driving most men into an early depression that diminishes their self-worth. To avoid this, most people often resort to trying anything that promises the recovery of sexual longevity. Most of the pills are, however, not as effective as advertised with some sinking them into a worse state.

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Thanks to Bayer and GSK and their production of the Levitra tablets, also known as vardenafil, men suffering from PE in the UK and the rest of the world now have a reason to smile. Unlike other falsely advertised impotence treatment tablets that are yet to be regulated in the UK, you can now order Levitra online legally or even buy Levitra UK from the drug store across your street.

What is Levitra?

Levitra is a one of a kind prescription medicine used to treat impotence in male adults. Unlike most other clinically-approved premature ejaculation treatment pills, Levitra is manufactured by an internationally recognized research and drug development company, Bayer, and has been approved for human and even clinical use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

How does it work?

Premature ejaculation primarily stems from both physical and physiological challenges like anxiety and depression. The build-up of either negatively affects your nervous communications with the resultant effect being climaxing earlier than expected. The early climax arises from such factors as constriction of the blood vessels supplying blood to the penis or hypersensitivity of the nerve endings on the penis that in effect leads to early ejaculation.

Genetic Levitra UK contains vardenafil as an active ingredient that initiates a chain of bodily reactions that cause a delay in ejaculation. Key among such reactions includes inhibiting the production and release of phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE5) enzymes. This effectively relaxes the arteries and prevents their constriction thus allowing the continued supply of blood into the penis when sexually aroused.

The lack of PDE5 enzymes also means that arteries supplying blood to the male member continue to dilate thus constricting the vessels carrying the blood out. You are, therefore, able to maintain an erection longer than usual. Nonetheless, vardenafil effectiveness isn’t permanent and eventually dies down allowing you to climax and your male member to return to its standard size. Remember that you cannot achieve an erection just by taking the pill, it must accompany arousal.

What is the right dosage?

The fact that Levitra is a prescription drug means that you will be relying on the recommended dosage by your physician. However, this doesn’t necessarily imply that you must first acquire a doctor’s approval and before using the premature ejaculation pill in the United Kingdom. Advancement in technology has made it possible to order Levitra online legally. What then is the recommended dosage for individuals seeking to self-administer Levitra bought online?

The pills are available in variations of 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. However, the universally recommended Levitra dosage is a single 10mg pill of Levitra consumed every 24 hours. The main difference between Levitra and other common PE pills lies in the fact that it shouldn’t be taken with water or food. On the contrary, you are advised to leave the pill to dissolve in saliva on the tongue before swallowing.

Where can you buy generic Levitra UK?

Levitra pills and tablets are readily available in most drug dispensing stores across the United Kingdom. Similarly, you can get Levitra online UK from the numerous online drug stores and have it shipped to your address within a short of time. You, however, need to be extra careful when dealing with most of these suppliers, especially considering the increasing number of counterfeit drug cases reported daily.

To be on the safe side ensure that your drug dispensing store is duly licensed in addition to checking on reviews from their past clients. Most importantly, ask for a recommendation on where to buy Levitra UK from your physicist.

Comparison with similar drugs

Levitra is distributed under several brand names by different companies across the world. For instance, Italians refer to the drug as Vivanza while users from India refer to it as staxyn. It is a generic form of the all-popular and equally FDA-approved Viagra given that they both seek to solve a similar problem.

The difference between the two pills lies not just in their price but also in their active ingredients given that while Viagra contains sildenafil, Levitra stocks Vardenafil as its primary component. Notably, given the diverse chemical composition of the two principal ingredients, a 10mg Levitra tablet is said to equal a 50mg Viagra pill. They should, therefore, never be used together not just because they serve the same purpose but because such an action would amount to an overdose.

What you need to know before taking Levitra

Generic Levitra UK works by altering some normal physiological process in the body like hastening the heartbeat and slowing down nervous communication. You should, therefore, avoid taking these pills if you suffer from or have or were previously exposed to an ailment affecting any of these major organs like stroke or heart disease. You should also avoid these pills if you suffer from kidney and liver problems or suffer from bleeding associated disorders including ulcers.

The increased heart activity, as well as dilated arteries, may end up tearing down weak blood vessels in the ulcerated wounds leading to the hazardous internal bleeding. If previously exposed to either of these health problems, but still feel the need to use the pills to rejuvenate your sex life, consult your doctor first.

Interactions with other drugs

The chemical element of Levitra, vardenafil, like most other chemicals, reacts negatively with other chemical compounds. Take cautions when using the pill alongside other medication. For instance, vardenafil must never be used together with a nitrate-based medicine as their interaction triggers sudden low-blood pressure that may prove fatal.

It, therefore, is imperative that you first consult your doctor before taking in the pill especially if you are on medication. You will, however, note that this chemical leaves the body just as first as it is absorbed. Your doctor is better placed to inform on the amount of time you should wait before taking a nitrate drug after using the pill.

Side effects

As with all medications, you should expect mild but adverse effects and interactions of using Levitra. The most common among healthy individuals include headaches, dizziness, and runny nose as well as stomach upsets. There is nevertheless no cause for alarm with these interactions as they are expected to subside within a few hours. You, however, should consider contacting a medical professional if either of the side symptoms persists. The same goes for an erection that lasts over four hours.

Some users have occasionally reported pretty severe interactions when using the drug including chest pains, difficulties breathing and irregular heartbeats. Medical professionals advise that you immediately stop the sexual intercourse should you or your partner exhibit these symptoms and rush to a hospital. You should also avoid nitrate fruit juices like grapefruit as it increases the risk of adverse interaction with the pill.